I just invested in XY: Now What?




  • brian huff

    I need a response!!!! Brian Huff

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  • THE POWER OF ፱-9

    I have been through all these steps more than 6 months still don't have a transfer agent account !

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  • The XY Labs Support Team

    Hello Brian! We noticed that you invested earlier this year.

    We are still working on importing purchases that were signed after November 2018, so that purchase is most likely not in the Broadridge system yet. Since you have already signed your document, you don't need to do anything else, and only need to wait for this following purchase to be brought into Broadridge.

    We bring the information into Broadridge on an investment-by-investment basis, and not by all purchases made by you. This is because each purchase requires and individually signed Investment Document. I have checked the list, and your name was included.

    We recently sent Broadridge another bulk upload, so please let me know if you do not receive the physical letter that explains how to create and access your account. Broadridge has multiple steps in place to ensure shareholder information stays accurate and secure, so the upload process will take some time.

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