How to Set Up Your Geomining Kit




  • marvain pichette

    Yo, where could I get thats Geomining kit???

  • Lawrence Streaker

    When will the mini sd cards for upgrading the bridge be mailed?


  • Chuck Leathers

    When will this get updated for the new SD card release?

  • Robert Nichols

    The Upgraded SD card arrived in the mail and was Dead on arrival. New SD card prevents my geomining kit from booting, reverting to the original fixed the problem.

  • Connie Gannon

    Is a keyboard other than the keyboard on a laptop required to set up the bridge? Can I geomine without setting up the bridge. I was supposed to get SD cards. These were shipped separately from the geomining kit. Where are they?

  • Connie Gannon

    Yeah well I watched the video. About as clear as mud. I was able to determine I dont have a functioning sd card in the bridge. there is not a green light only a red light

  • kevin chandler

    Same here only a red light on the bridge

  • Henry Hilario Entendencia Jr.

    Can anyone purchase a dozen of these Geomining Kits...?

  • Jeff Higley

    Mine is the same.

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