Alert for XYO Customers: How to Avoid Token Sale Scams



Fact: In 2017, an estimated 10% of all Ethereum transactions went to scams.

XYO Network cares about our customers and we don't want this to happen to you! Here's some important information about what to look for if you receive a message soliciting ETH by someone who claims to be from XYO Network.


  • We don't solicit ETH! If you express an interest in purchasing XYO Tokens, we'll direct you to our website,

  • We will never ask for a bonus, tip, or contribution. It's completely against the rules for XYO employees and official partners — for good reason!

  • We will never offer a bonus or refund after sending additional ETH. We cannot give Token bonuses to certain people in preferential treatment, and we'll never offer it. We will never tell you that if you send ETH it will automatically be sent back — it won't be!

  • XYO can release a partial Token transaction from our controls; you never need to send additional ETH to push it through the system. If you ever have a Token purchase that deducts ETH from your wallet but don't receive your Tokens, just let us know at and we'll help you. If someone tells you that you need to send additional ETH to any address to get Tokens you've already paid for, they are lying.

  • Your transaction will not expire. If someone is trying to rush you into doing something you're not comfortable doing, or telling you that you have to hurry before time runs out, they're not with XYO. If you contact us and we don't reply right away, we're helping other customers. We'll help you when everyone ahead of you has been helped, and nothing bad is going to happen while you wait.

  • Even if someone looks official, make sure. XYO Support members will never solicit you or contact you first. Contact us at and do not trust those who contact you from any email address asking for ETH. On our Telegram channel, all administrators have Admin next to their name.

  • Don't send ETH to anybody for any reason other than to purchase Tokens using the instructions on our website. We won't ask you to do anything else, so just don't do it!

  • If you have doubts or want to report something suspicious, contact us. If you're not sure about a transaction, just let us know and we'll tell you whether or not it's okay. You can email us at

If you have any questions, please email us or drop it in the comments below.

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