Using Your XYGPS (Modes and Controls)

This guide will help you identify how to use the controls for your XYGPS and understand the different modes it uses in order to work.

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XYGPS Technologies and Features

XYGPS is a hybrid device that uses three different services (and three different signals) in order to operate. It also has two modes; one saves battery and the other allows the device to operate independently.

GPS (Global Positioning System)
XYGPS can detect where it's located within tens of feet almost anywhere in the world using a signal from the global positioning satellite system.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
This is XYGPS's power saving mode. When XYGPS is near your phone, it can connect to it directly using a low-strength radio signal. This can extend its battery life by days or even weeks.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications or Groupe Spécial Mobile)
When it's not close enough to your phone to use BLE, XYGPS switches to using GSM, which is a cellular network available in most countries worldwide. It uses more power than BLE but this allows XYGPS to operate in most locations, independent of other devices.

XYGPS Modes and Testing

Your XYGPS won't connect directly to your phone when it's out of Bluetooth range. You'll see no bars of signal when it's away from you, and the XY Find It app may say "Out of Range" or "Searching," and that's okay.

The only thing your XYGPS will do when it's not near you is update its location. To check its location, open the XY Find It app, make sure you're logged in, and then tap on the rectangle representing the item you wish to locate along the bottom of the app. This will show you the last updated location of the XYGPS, and it should change every few minutes as long as the XYGPS is moving.

Please note that the location will not update if the XYGPS isn't moved. It stops reporting when it's stationary or not moved a significant distance to help conserve battery.

The best way to test your XYGPS is to make sure it's charged, then send it off somewhere else. Check its location using your phone by tapping on the rectangle representing it in the XY Find It app. It should update every few minutes. If you want to check it, yourself, just turn off Bluetooth services on your phone so the XYGPS can't cycle into Bluetooth mode.

XYGPS Controls and Functions


Open the XY Find It app and tap on the rectangle representing your XYGPS.

Your XYGPS will pop up in a window at the bottom of the screen.

Signal bars indicate whether your XYGPS is using Bluetooth to connect with your phone and conserve battery.

The blue dot on the map represents your phone. The teardrop-shaped pin represents the last reported location of your XYGPS.

As you get farther from your XYGPS, the Bluetooth signal strength will weaken and you'll see fewer signal bars.

When you phone can no longer connect with your XYGPS via Bluetooth, no signal bars will be displayed. Your XYGPS is now working independently,and reporting its location via GSM cellular signal.

As your XYGPS moves, the pin will update from time to time when your XYGPS reports new locations.

XYGPS conserves battery by prioritizing Bluetooth connections. Using it in GSM mode drains its battery faster. For the same reason, it will not report when little or no change in position is detected.

The date and time of the last seen location refers to the last time your XYGPS was detected by your phone via Bluetooth.

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