How do I replace the battery in my XY Finder?




  • Richb4818

    The XY is valuable tool for locating misplaced phones and keys. my unit dose not beep when I am truing to locate my keys.

  • Patrick

    Hey Rich,
    I'm sorry to hear you Finder isn't working right for you. Let's go ahead and take a look at it and see what we can find. I've sent you an email so I can better address your issue.

  • Carl Wood

    My XY3 does not beep when I press the beacon button. The unit is only 2 months old and was given as a gift.

  • Patrick

    Hey Carl,
    I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble with your Beacon and I would like to help you resolve it. Did you receive our email to you following up with your questions?

  • Carl Wood

    No I did not but why doesn't the battery's last more then one month?

  • Patrick

    Hey Carl,
    The battery should last for 6 months on an XY2 and over a year on an XY3, but there are several reasons that may not be the case. Heavy use over a short period of time can fully deplete the battery as CR2032 batteries are not designed for constant drain. It is also possible the battery shipped was defective. We try our best to ensure that each Finder we ship works reliably, but one inevitably falls through the cracks.
    Please try changing the battery and let me know if that fixes the problem you are having.

  • Joe Lagle

    Well, my battery lasted all of 6 weeks, any comment?  At least I assume the finder chirping means the battery is dying. 

  • Carl Wood

    Replacing the battery cured the problem but why doesn't your company provide fresh batteries that would last more than one month?

  • Patrick

    Hey Joe,

    The Finder making chirping noises does not normally indicate a dying battery, but could be the product of damage to the battery's housing. I can't say for sure without some more information. I've gone ahead and opened a ticket with Support for you, you should see it in your inbox.

  • Patrick

    Hey Carl,

    We do provide new batteries on request. While we used to send out extra batteries with each order the instances of defective batteries being sent out became small enough that we don't feel it is needed any longer.

  • Alex Stefaniak

    I tried to locate one of the devices attached to a remote. It gave a single low chirp and then nothing. When I tried to locate it with the app again, it was "too far", though it was less than three feet away. I deleted the item from the app and tried to add it, but when I went to press and hold the button to relink it, it didn't beep at all. The devices are less than three months old.

  • Patrick

    Hey Alex,
    It sounds like your battery has died. Did changing it help at all?
    I understand how frustrating it can be for your battery to die so much sooner than expected. If you would like a replacement battery please send us a support request using the button at the top of the page so we can verify your shipping address.

  • Jen Rogers

    Extremely disappointed in the battery life. Got one as a late Christmas present. Only had to "find" it three times. Dead within a couple of months.

  • John Patton

    Hello, my name is John. I have a three pack of xy3's. All of the batteries were DOA. I would hope at least one would work from the beginning. Batteries are expensive. The person that gave this to me as a gift was very angry and disappointed about this issue. Will you ship me new ones? Thank you.

  • Maryann Cummings

    Hi John!

    We're happy to help you until the issue is fully resolved. I've replied to the email you sent to me, and I'll be happy to help you if you don't mind replying at your earliest convenience.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Pedro “Pete” Bermudez

    Hi my name is Pete. I bought two of the XY4+ which supposedly has a 5yr battery. I have only had it for a few months. It seems as if the battery is already acting up. It starts starts ticking like a clock and it not connecting with my phone.

    Thank you,

  • Gui

    I'm having problems with batteries for my XY4+ too. I wasn't even going to write here, I was going to sort it out myself but I couldn't find this CR3032H battery for sale.

  • Cois de Lange

    I received my sentinel's in January this year and 6 out of the 8 had low batteries out of the box. Like Gui above, I cannot find any of the CR3032H batteries for sale in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter). I was hoping to find a link on the XY website where to find the batteries, but alas.

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