General Troubleshooting




  • Candace Fosbrink

    My find it keeps beeping randomly. It keeps beeping just sitting still on my leg with the back cover off

  • Patrick

    Hey Candace,

    It sounds like the battery is not making a solid connection with your Finder. We've had some success cleaning the battery and the connector with a soft, dry cloth. If that doesn't help, go ahead and contact support and we'll trade out your Finder for a new one.

  • Jared Keith

    I have an XY3 that I got for Christmas (not quite 4 months ago). I have changed the battery twice, now the finder makes a noise that is barely audible from a distance of about 2 cm, rendering it essentially useless as a locating device. I know $20 isn't a lot to spend on such a product, but I'd expect it to last longer than 4 months.

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