How to Share XY with Your Family

Welcome to lesson 4 of our getting started series. In this article we’re going to be talking about how you can keep your entire family in the loop to track things like: a communal car, a TV remote, or each other.


It’s very important to note that each XY finder can currently only be attached to one account at a time. Now you may be wondering how, knowing that, I can say you can share with your family. Well like any good rule in this life, that one has some workarounds and a loophole.


The workaround is pretty straightforward. Give everyone the same account. Each account can have as many finders and devices on it as your heart desires. Under this model, everyone shares all the finders all the time and when one phone updates the location of a finder it will show up on all connected devices.


For example: Philip, John, and Josh all want to see where the TV remote is. They tape a finder to it and John creates an account under Philip and Josh then log into that account. Now all 3 of them can ring the TV remote and they can see when Philip accidentally takes it to school with him!


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