Using Find Your Phone and KeepNear




  • Maryann Cummings

    Hi Arlene,

    I've created a message to our customer obsession team so that they can assist you, but that's a good question!

    You don't have to transfer anything. Just download and install XY Find It on your new phone, make sure you have Location and Bluetooth services turned on, and log in to your existing XY Find It account.

    You'll find everything is already there waiting for you in your account! We've made it as easy for you as possible. :)

    Our team will be with you shortly!

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  • Arlene Frankeberger

    I have just upgraded my phone to an Apple 10 along with the watch and I would like to know how to transfer everything from my 6S plus to my new iPhoneX?? So, if you can please tell me know where to go to find that information so ill know how to do it please. Thnx

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