Using Find Your Phone and KeepNear

Let's cover how to use your XY Finder to find your phone and how to find out if your XY Finder gets left behind. First things first, the ‘Find Your Phone’ feature is only available when using an XY3 or XY4+. Sorry, XY2 users.

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I’m going to assume the following:

  • Your phone is turned on.
  • Your phone has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Your phone has the app running. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the background or not.
  • You are logged into the app.
  • You have one of your finders in hand.


The “Find Your Phone” feature works similarly to the things we did in lesson two, this time using the button on your XY3 finder instead of the controls in the XY Find It app.

The method is simple, if you think your phone is nearby, press the button on your finder. After a few moments your should hear your phone begin ringing.


If, after waiting a few moments, your phone does not ring, click here.

If your phone only rings after waking up your phone, click here.

If your phone vibrates, but doesn't make noise, click here.

Now for the “Keep Near” feature. Any XY Finder can use this feature, including XY2s.


Back in Lesson 2 you may have noticed a button next to “Find It” that says “KeepNear” and it has a bell with a line through it. Well that’s going to be the topic of discussion right now. Tapping that button will cause the bell to turn white. This means that you have activated “KeepNear” for that finder.


KeepNear is an incredible feature which will help you hold on to what matters. With it enabled, any time your finder gets out of range of your phone you will get a notification saying you left it behind.

Please note, however that the max range is 150ft so you may not get a notification until you go beyond that and sometimes it may come sooner. This is because of how the Bluetooth technology works. If your phone is unable to find your finder for a little while it will assume it went out of range.This is true even if your finder is right next to you. If, for example, you put your finder in a lead box it will show as “out of range” even if the box is right next to you.

You can also increase or decrease the sensitivity of the KeepNear feature in the app’s settings. Setting it to High, Normal, or Low (low is only available on Android) depending on your needs and experience. This feature may take some trial and error to get it ‘dialed in’ to where you like it.


If your KeepNear never works, click here.

If your KeepNear keeps giving you false notifications when your finder is right next to you, click here.


This concludes our discussion of how to ring your phone and how to keep your finders close.


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